Question 12: Free Response


Non-Commissioned Officers' Study


Forms N and P (combined)
If you feel that you need training, what specific training would you like?
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I know civilian Construction but the Army Const. method is what I would like to learn more about.
17. One point I would like to bring out. I don't think an officer who recieved his commission through professional ability should be a company commander of an Army or any Service Unit. I think the Company Co. should be strictly military. The view points are different where Privilleges & Discipline are concerned.
Training on various weapons, that is know more about them. In general what training a private gets the non com should get but this should be more in detail
In general, for instruction, I think teachers or men who know more of what they instruct, instructing men can do more for our soldiers than an officer or non coms who think that by threatening duty or such can make one learn more than by clear intelligent intstuction in classrooms not out in the field as the army taught us.
I feel that I would do better with more combat training.
As for my own personal opinion on this whole set up - is this.

I firmly believe that every man that is inducted into the Army should be placed in a job suited best to him, and not by putting him in the first vacant job like they did to me. Reason Because I also believe that if this method is kept up very much longer, the present condition of the army will get to such a point that it will cause a major set back in the still greater battle yet to come - The Battle of extensive training of large groups of men to a job entirely different then the one they have been used to doing expertly. So why waste valuable time and lives by trying to make an expert out of a man in a certain line - when he knows that his own job is probably being taking over by another man who is just as inexperienced in that line.
Constructive Training
The State of Louisana is no good for Military Training. After a few months of this training a man is burned out. It may impead his future. Ive been here 14 Months and most of the time I feel tired run down. I do my best and so do the rest of the men, but they feel the same as I

It's too Hot and Damp. Im 21 years old and feel 30
Yes, there are plenty of things say: First of all a lot of time is wasted when an outfit is ready to go. Bringing fellows out here in the woods & keeping them here a month or longer starts to lower their moral a great deal.

A outfit that was on a job & proved that they could do well & complimented by high officials about it, I see why they have to go through test on stuff that they would do which they already have proven by doing it. Recreational programs could be a lot of better in all branches of service.
In regards to questions 27 + 28.

I firmly believe the leaders of Germany and Japan should be punished plenty, but not as the people as a whole.
These are very good questions and cover the subject.

I think they should let you put your name etc on them. As I think I not fitted for my job and could be of more service elsewhere in another branch.
More actual experience
I think we should have more actual construction work. Have definite lengths of time for furloughs while on this side & when across if possible. I mean lenght of service
I disagree with army way of selecting draftees and volunteers for the branch of service in which they die to serve. I know that I am proud to be in my parent outfit but with the training in civilian life which I had - I would have been of more good to the army in the communication corps. I believe a man is at his best when he is at his own job.