Project Team & Partners

Project Leadership & Administration

Edward Gitre, Project Director; Associate Professor of History, Virginia Tech

Jessica Brabble, Project Research & Administrative Assistant alumnus (2019-2021); graduate student, Department of History, William & Mary. Author of lesson plans.

Jonathan Macdonald, Project Research Assistant alumnus (2015-2017); graduate student, Department of American Studies, Brown University

Advisory Board

Beth Bailey, Department of History Foundation Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center for Military, War, and Society Studies, University of Kansas*

Kara Dixon Vuic, LCpl. Benjamin W. Schmidt Professor of War, Conflict, and Society in Twentieth-Century America, Texas Christian University*

Amanda French, independent scholar, previously Director of Digital Research Services, Virginia Tech Libraries**

Thomas A. Guglielmo, Associate Professor, Department of American Studies, George Washington University*

G. Kurt Piehler, Director of the Institute of World War II and the Human Experience and Associate Professor, Department of History, Florida State University*

Jefferson Pooley, Associate Professor and Chair of Media & Communications, Muhlenberg College*

* Authors of Topic essays
** Author of Browsing, Refining & Searching Guide and Project History & Objectives

Data Curation, Transformation, and Hosting

Jonathan Briganti, DataBridge Lead Consultant; DataBridge Manager & Lecturer Virginia Tech University Libraries

Marc Brodsky, Archivist Consultant; Assistant Professor and Public Services and Reference Archivist, Special Collections, Virginia Tech Libraries

Anne M. Brown, DataBridge Director, Assistant Professor, Science Informatics Consultant and Head, Student Research Experiences, University Libraries, Virginia Tech University Libraries

Daniel Y. Chen, Data Bridge Consultant; graduate student, Genomics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology, Virginia Tech

Corinne Guimont, Project Coordinator for University Libraries; Digital Scholarship Coordinator, Virginia Tech University Libraries

Zachary Hirsch, DataBridge Undergraduate Intern; School of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech

Michael Hughes, Social Psychology Consultant; Professor, Department of Sociology, Virginia Tech

Nathaniel Porter, Data Consultant; Social Science Data Consultant and Data Education Coordinator, Informatics Lab, Virginia Tech University Libraries

Robert Settlage, ARC Data Storage Consultant; Computational Scientist, Advanced Research Computing, Virginia Tech

Aaron Schroeder, Senior Research Scientist; Information Architect and Data Scientist, University of Virginia Biocomplexity Institute


Kurt Luther, Advisory Board Member and Zooniverse Technical Lead; Director of the Crowd Intelligence Lab and Associate Professor of Computer Science, Virginia Tech

Nai-Ching Wang, Zooniverse Developer and Virginia Tech Crowd Intelligence Lab alumnus; software engineer at Akuna Capital, Chicago, Illinois.

Xavier Pleimling, Omeka Developer and Zooniverse Data Analyst; graduate student, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech

Sarah Mease, Digital Humanities Coordinator; Digital Humanities Assistant, Virginia Tech University Libraries

Joe Forte, Digital Humanities Coordinator; Digital Humanities Specialist, Virginia Tech University Libraries

Chris Miller, Digital Humanities Coordinator (former), Virginia Tech University Libraries

Zooniverse Moderators, Lead Transcribers, and Transcription Editors

Anne (annedup), Citizen Archivist

Annick Lynn Rodriguez (LibrarianDiva), Reference Librarian; The Bronx, New York

Beth Caldwell (catmom4) Citizen Archivist; Georgia, United States

Bobby Vandenbush (BobbyV) US Air Force/US Army Veteran; Dallas, Texas

Christian Mobley (Preacher357), Citizen Archivist

Chuck Stanley (chuckftl), Director of Traditional Worship Ministries/Christ Church; Coconut Creek, Florida

Clare (cmichaud), Citizen Archivist; United States

Francis R. Herrmann (herrmanf), Professor of Law Emeritus, Boston College Law School

Gloria Frankel, Citizen Archivist; London, United Kingdom

Grace (3WhoServed), Citizen Archivist; United States

Jack (mwalimu9092), Citizen Archivist & Returned Peace Corps Volunteer; United States

Jon Chism (jhc68164), SFC, U.S. Army, Retired; United States

Jonathan Erskine (jperskine), Retired Local Archaeological Teacher; United Kingdom

Judy Fargnoli (jfargnoli), Citizen Archivist; Osterville, Massachusetts

Katy Snodgrass, World War II Enthusiast; Goshen, Indiana

Marie Eklid, Genealogy and History Enthusiast; England

Marilyn Smith (msmith835), Retired Research Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, and Immunology; Kansas City, Kansas

Mark Keime (floydthebarber), Veteran, Retired; Arlington Heights, Illinois

Mindy (MindyC & MellyC), Citizen Archivist; Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Rita P. (KateyND), Citizen Archivist; North Dakota, United States

Steve Fitzgerald, Citizen Archivist; United Kingdom

Steve Sansom, Citizen Archivist; Canada

Sue Johnson (SUEJ1949), Citizen Archivist; United Kingdom

Susan C Miller (CampLaSelva), Citizen Archivist, United States

Susan Vomocil (Susan V), Citizen Archivist

Suzan Acre (MnQg118), Retired - State of Wisconsin, Department of Natural Resources and Department of Veterans Affairs; Illinois, United States

Trecia McGinniss (Trecia), Citizen Archivist; Pennsylvania

We would like to acknowledge the other 7,152 volunteer Zooniverse citizen-archivists who have contributed to the project.

Crowdsourcing Partners

Andrew Aquino, Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Matthew Hannah, Purdue University's Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Library

Greg Jeffreys, Veterans Employment Training Service, Inc. (VETS, Inc.)

Bradley Nichoals, University of Missouri, Columbia

Mary Jo Orzech and Kim L. Myers, The College at Brockport Drake Memorial Library

Brad Rittenhouse, Georgia Institute of Technology Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center

Timothy Robbins, Graceland University

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Digital History Lab

Jennifer Whelan, College of the Holy Cross Dinand Library

HIST 3544 World War II (2015-20), Virginia Tech

HIST 3545 World War II (2021), University of Missouri, Columbia

Data Analytics

Virginia Tech Computational Modeling & Data Analytics Program

Mark Embree, CMDA Program Leader; Hamlett Professor of the Academy of Integrated Science, Department of Math, and Associate Director of Virginia Tech’s Smart Infrastructure Laboratory

Fredrick W. Faltin, CMDA Capstone Faculty Leader; Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Statistics, and Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Academy of Integrated Science

Chandler Crescentini, Fall 2019 Capstone Team

Colin Lagator, Fall 2019 Capstone Team

Quinn Moore, Fall 2019 Capstone Team

Bryan Padilla, Fall 2020 Capstone Team

Linh Nguygen, Fall 2020 Capstone Team

Sasha Rearden, Fall 2020 Capstone Team

Savannah Amos, Summer 2020 Intern

Yash Joshi, Summer 2021 Intern

Drew H. Klaubert, Summer 2020 Intern

University of Virginia Biocomplexity Institute

Gizem Korkmaz, Research Assistant Professor at the Social and Decision Analytics Lab (SDAL)

Brandon Kramer, Postdoctoral Research Associate, SDAL

Chase Dawson, Undergraduate Intern, SDAL, and Data Society for the Public Good (DSPG) Young Scholars Program Undergraduate Fellow, Summer 2020

Mary Solomon, DSPG Graduate Fellow, Summer 2020

Morgan Elaine Stockham, DSPG Graduate Fellow, Summer 2020

Saimun Habib, DSPG Undergraduate Fellow, Summer 2020

Essay Authors

John McManus, Curators' Distinguished Professor of US Military History, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Erica Fugger, graduate student, Department of American Studies, Rutgers University - Newark

Garrett Gatzemeyer, Contingency Planner at United States European Command

Chris Rein, Managing Editor, Air University Press

M. Houston Johnson V, Professor, Department of History, Virginia Military Institute

Peter Mansoor, Professor and General Raymond E. Mason Jr. Chair in Military History, Ohio State University

Aaron Hiltner, Lecturer, Institute of the Americas, University College London

Jessica Adler, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Florida International University

Kathleen Frydl, Independent Scholar

Additional essay authors listed above under Advisory Board

Website Development, Design, and Copyediting

Cast Iron Coding, Portland, OR

Emily Alexander, Copyeditor; Special Faculty in Department of English, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University.

Jason Higgins, Editor; Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Humanities and Oral History, Virginia Tech Publishing and Center for Humanities.

Michael J. Stamper, Data Visualization Designer and Consultant; Data Visualization Designer and Consultant for the Arts, Virginia Tech Libraries, Research and Informatics, Data Services group

Institutional Partners & Contributors

Additional Support

For invaluable insights on the history of the Research Branch surveys, for sharing documentation in their personal possession, and for providing other research materials, we thank:

Jennifer S. Comins, Archivist, Carnegie Collections, Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Columbia University.

John Hawkins, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Brigham Young University, Lieutenant Colonel (retired) in the US Army Reserve, and formerly a research officer in the Department of Military Psychiatry at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

Ivan Snook, graduate student, Department of History, Columbia University.

Joseph W. Ryan, author of Samuel Stouffer and the GI Survey: Sociologists and Soldiers during the Second World War (University of Tennessee Press, 2013).

David R. Segal, Distinguished Scholar-Teacher, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, and Director of the Center for Research on Military Organization at the University of Maryland, formerly Chief, Social Processes Technical Area, U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, 1973-75.

Heidi Ziemer, Outreach & Digital Services Coordinator, Western New York Library Resources Council, formerly with the National Archives Electronic Records Division and co-compiler of "A Finding Aid to Records Relating to Personal Participation in World War II ("The American Soldier" Surveys)," Reference Information Paper 78, rev. ed. (1991; Washington, DC: National Archives, 1997).


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