Question 10: Free Response


Non-Commissioned Officers' Study


Forms N and P (combined)
If "no," what are some of the things you think should have been more fully explained?
Put words or phrases inside quotes to search for an exact match.
I was expected to know my Job & I did - At least well enough at the time to get by.
I think non coms should have more time for instruction. But there never was sufficient time for that. Also time that wasn't his own to read more of manuals.
How to Hold Classes And To Instruct Men
Should have more explanation & special non-com schools on Eng. [engineering] tng [training] like building bridges ect. if your in that branch of service.
I believe that the Platoon Leaders should definitely assign a non-com to certain responsibilities and instruct him as to how he should carry them out so that he can get the best from his men.
Theres quite a few things that weren't clear such as duties etc., Also my authority.
More action experience