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Attitudes of and toward Negroes


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If I were a leader of an armed force, I'd have every thing balanced perfectly. I wouldn't put northerners in with an already organized southern outfit. What chance has a "Yankee" private, when all non-coms and commissioned officers are all Southerners. Naturally since they (south) hate us, there is no chance in the world of getting ahead. If a Yankee does a minor misque he is punished heavily. If a Rebel does a major offense, he would probably be made a non-com. If you're not in good with the 1stsergeant, you might as well wear fatigues all day long. If you offend a non-com - (off duty) you'll probably be the sorriest man in the army. The captain doesn't know his men as well as he should. He knows just the ones that he knew in civilian life, and they're the ones who get everything. This is not just my opinion, The same answers, will probably be given by some 5,000 more "Yankees." I've seen men made
non-coms, (men who probably ____ don't know the difference between an .03 and M.1.) just because the were good friends w/ the sergeant. Later on, those men were busted because it was too evident, that they didn't know anything. But the ones that replaced them were just as bad. If it weren't for my parents I'd rather desert, than go across with an outfit like this.
My main gripe is the seeming lack of organization in the army and congress. Of the control of war industries by a few capitalists. Of allowing men who are able bodied to attend college when good fighting men are so badly need, after all if we lost there won't be any college. I think there should be a draft of women and men into war labor - we have to forfeit some rights if we are to win. In other words I think there should be a heck of a lot less talk and a hell of a lot more action. The president is a fine guy, but his congress act like a bunch of old women. Lets wake up America and go to war. Hitler likes us the way we are.
No other comments other than to say that the negro should be given as much chance as possible to succeed in life. If a negro is willing to fight and die alongside of you he should be given as much chance of getting ahead as the white people have. Just because a man is born colored should not condemn him the rest of his life. This is what we are fighting for, Equality for all regardless of race, creed and religion.
1 - Enforce what laws we have

2 - Abolish Communisim for it does not promote free speech and is 100%. Constitution of the U.S.A. 3 - In suppressing Comminusim and in up holding the Constitution for the Reds don't believe in free speech, and any one who does Believe in free speech will suppress the Reds in this Country, but let them Run thier own Red Russia
Personal opinion

Why don't you have some one check up on the prices in towns like Hackstone and also send out a letter to all commanding officers (captains) telling them that they should give a man a 6 A.M. Monday morning pass instead of a 11 P.M. Sun. and also he should get this pass with out him kissing the great captains ass
I have been in Camp Pickett for nearly six months and the six months have been completly wasted. I have been A W O L twice and I can't see the sence of us being here just to eat and sleep and make jobs for ourselves.

The last time I did anything to help the war effort was seven months ago. I carried motor parts to a parker in the Holabrird Motor base.
.28 I would be better at home with my wife & baby. I could work on the R.R. which they need men real bad. I have also had 9 yrs expirent. I could also buy War Bounds and would be better Satisfied
Why not encourage bond sales after the war so the US will have a better fund to back them up, if ever needed.
We were attacked by the axis powers. They attempt to take from us the four freedoms we now enjoy. Our forefathers have fought for the very same thing we are fighting for today. Although married and 38 years of age, the writer volunteered for service in the army because I felt it was my patriotic duty and responsibility to help win this war. As a potential officer school candidate, it matters not whether I am awarded a commission or not. The fact remains we are all in this army to fight - and fight we will - It is my honest belief that my ability to lead men will make me a good fighter regardless of age. I would like very much to soldier under the command of Brig Gen Wilbur, now in North Africa.
negros have a right to the same privilege in government and business as me. combining our social life would be degrading to our standard of living.

History has shown that wars run in cycles of about every one and a half to two generations. People don't change in nature so wars will still be. If aggressive nations are quelled before they get too great such wars may be avoided. Our jobs after the war will be controlled by how the government controlls prices so that our consuming power is held up.
I like this branch of service as so far our major has personaly given me a good job where I can do the most good for our country, as I have had experience in a aircraft factory and Sombody with experience is needed here as well as anywhere else to keep these trainner planes flying, an when the pilots leave here they'll be able to handel bombers

a man with no experience can not go ahead with a job on planes as he could in some other types of jobes.
This questionaire asked how I liked the Army well before the war I liked it allright for I was in a Pursuit Squadron where all Officers were Flyers who had won their bars by going to school the hard way and not by knowing some big shot or politician which is the circumstances now. I dont begrudge any one for taking all they can get out of this Army. I begrudge the Army for being that easy. I think that every man should stand an exam for all he gets in the Army. There is too much politics in the Army. It's no the question of how good a worker you are in the Army nowadays but how good a politician you are. With the officers it's the same thing. They do so much "bricking" "over"
that they can't look after the enlisted personnel under them, naturally, the enlisted men catch the brunt of it all. The officers now a days think too much of their selves and that is all they look out for. I am speaking of the officers in the Air Corps with whom I have had dealings with.
I don't think enlisted men should give up their living in town so the Officers can have a place. I think if the enlisted men find a home after being transfered he has a right to stay and not made move on the post so the Officer can have a place to live, that is hard on the morale of Enlisted men. They should give the men a better chance to learn their work by doing what Civil Service workers are doing they can get the job done twice a s fast and as good.
We are in the wrong outfit. We are still fighting the Civil War[,] The Yankees and the Rebels. I believe overseas it will be the same as the last war[,] fellows being killed not seeing the enemy.
Taxes and all previous liabilities especiall income taxes should be cancelled. It will work hardships on most soldiers to pay these. Why not let him keep his nest egg, and give him a break after the war. Why in the hell should he have to fight it and pay for it to.
I think a good many war workers are far overpaid. Most of them earn 2 or 3 times what they did before. This is all at the expense of the taxpayer now and after the war. They call them selves patriotic. However most of them are working for the money involved. This is shown by the number of strikes in demand for increased wages also their short week of 48 hours at regular pay. We in the army work far more hours willingly for a fraction of their salary. War workers should work in a spirit of patriotism. I'm sure if the men now over seas were sent to war jobs they would almost double production.

More U.S.O's should be established in camps that are distant from good sized cities as the small towns cannot begin to accomodate all the servicemen.
I believe that most every american Soldier will do all they can to see the end of this war soon, and we expect to go back and be able to secure good jobs without trouble. and we are also looking for some kind of government protection in case of need after the war.

Protection for our family and Security of jobs so as to make a better living. Will make our great democracy much stronger.
Why doesn't the government discharge all men over 38 and all limited service men to work as farm labor or to go in defense factories as the work these men do here is of no value to the war effort, the biggest majority of these men are not qualified for army work and could do more to help their country in these war industries, the government is needing these men now according to reports as now is the time to act.
If you give a negro money he just lives in a shack or buys a new car an doesn't improve himself, I know that's the way in the north an they can be led to easily don't think for themselves.

Most soldiers want to be discharged from the Army as soon after the war as possible. They are ready an willing to fight but when the war is over you are going to have a hell of a time keeping them in.
I am an Airplane Mechanic. Have attended Army Airplane Mechanics school and have had 6 months experience at Minter Field, Calif. as a mechanic + crew-chief on Basic Training Airplanes. Now I am here, being kicked around, instead of being sent to some Air Base for further experience on either Pursuit ships or on Bombers. I was more than satisfied with my army life, until I came here, but now I'm thoroughly dissatisfied + disgusted. I want to be where I believe I can do some good + that would be to any Air Base as an Airplane mechanic.