Question 63A: Free Response


Attitudes of and toward Negroes


White Form
(Do you think white and Negro soldiers should be in separate outfits or should they be together in the same outfits?) Write any comments here:
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If everyone had my view points as to race, color or creed, It would be one outfit. Personally, I'd rather be with colored than with southerners.
Same a previous question.
I do not like to live in the same room with any colored race.
Besides body odor most have light fingers
Let them be separate Co. Then put them on the front and see just how much they will fight for our country. They might even win the war. Then give them credit. Most of them cann't even write. Why take a boy that has a good education and kill him. Put the negro up first.
Same as #60
There is better cooperation when not mixed
as soldiers or as a people it avoid trouble
I would want to go "over the Hill" if I were put in an Outfit with Negroes and so would any other Southerner.
Because they are colored and they look dirty.
It is better for all concerned. I think they have a better time in their own way, we in ours. We have our own likes and pecularaties, they have theirs.
for same reason listed on my last question
They wouldn't work togeather
It is the only way to get along in my opinion
Southern people do not put negroes on social equality
Because the whites feel the negroes inferior and Cooperation would be null.
That depends on the negro himself. How does he like the idea.
Could never get along together. There would be too many fights.
Comment same as question No. 60