Question 85: Free Response


Post-War Plans of Negro Soldiers


Final Field Form
If you have anything you want to say on any subject connected with the Army, the war, or conditions in the United States after the war, write it here.
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Condition in the United States

Personally, I think the wages in the United States should be kept at minimum and also prices of Farm product to avoid a depression. The factories can keep in operation and put out their products and the Consumers will have the money to buy Farm products and also factory products. I also think every able bodied man should in some way be compulsory to work providing he can obtain it.
In California, things were tough enough until the National Defense Program started which started thousands and thousands of people migrating to Calif. to work in the shipyards, they found a "gold mine" in Calif so to speak, and many of them plan to stay there, which will make it very hard for a Negro to get a job after the war. If I am forced to seek employment with a company or firm, I will probably be turned down and a white man hired instead, even though I may be more capable.
What I am about to say is about the condition of the United States is about the way the white and Negroes get along in some sections of the states and they are suppose to be fighting for the same thing Democracy. The United States talk about fight Democracy in Europe and Asia and yet they haven't established it in the states in some sections. The race riot in Penn. happened because the railway company hired six negroes the white walk off the job this kind of stuff have got to be stopped after the war or the United States might have another civil war on her hand. The negroes are dying and fight in this war to. You hear about the white troop in newspaper and over the radio but you never hear about the colored soldiers that fight and die. You don't hear about the 93rd division and 24 inf in Bouganvill [Bougainville] fighting and dying no where but in a Negro newspaper, but all that hid will come to light some day.
The morale of a soldier is very important to himself and to the success of his company or squadron. This morale cannot be very high if there is to be prejudice and discrimination on his group. Though the government has passed a law saying that there will be not more discrimination on army posts, it is still being practiced (and not only on southern posts). This law should not only be enforced, but something should be done to bring the people closer to each other. The people should be made to understand that those that they are discriminating, fought and died in order to provide the "Four Freedom" for everyone.
1st. Why can't the officers do more to help the war then to just live and take it easy trying to work their men to death. They don't even come out in bad weather, but will send the men. Eat better food in the mess halls and anytime they want it. The army put men over soldiers - who even hate them from the start. Yes I am a colored soldier. All my officers are from the south and I hate them just as much as they hate me. Instead of the army helping this matter - it seems to me that they are trying to make matters worse. The white soldiers can mix with any race, but we can't mix with any dark races, still we have the best morale, do the best work and still manage to improve ourselves. We know we don't have a even chance, so when we are shot in the back by civilians, giving rotten deals, giving long army court martial - we still are going to get what is due us - maybe soon or compell [compel] it after the war is over. I hate to think what some of the things that will happen if not, but in whole we are fighting for our country and trying to do our part. Hoping to make a better world not only for the white but also for the dark races. We can't loose [lose].
I don't think the Negro soldiers should be restricted in different town because after all we are giving our lives for the white people also, and I think we should be able to go in their places as well as they come in ours. I don't think the President is trying to do much to stop it. I do hope these things wont exist after the war is over.

Think Germany & Japan should be broke up entirely, & mix them with other people who don't think of wars.
For one thing in order for this to be a better country to live in after. The Pridjudice [prejudice] prevalent in the south will have to be done away with. After all that's what I'm supposed to be in the army fighting against. Free the world. But what about installing Democracy 100% over here. The Negro gave his blood as well for this Capital of so called Democracy. As far as the South is concerned, the Gestapo methods and code they live by are practically the same and on the same basic principles as the Nazis. Why not send all Negro and Jew and Catholic haters to Germany or Japan after the war. I'm sure those individuals would be in a world of their own and could live as sadistically as they chose. I thank you for this opportunity to speak my mind.
I think all this states right buisness [business] is aimed at keeping the Negro down. I also feel that our government could do a heck of a lot more on the race problem than they are doing.

If the Southern cracker was taken out of control of the U.S. Army it wouldn't be quite so Horrible.
I hope things won't be like as it was in the last war, promise a lot but give nothing. I think Roosevelt should stop the discrimination in the Army and else where because he say he can't stop it but he can. I believe if a soldier fight he should be recognized as white soldiers are and like at Camp Livingston, Louisiana a damn soldier has a helluva way to go. Discrimination in Louisiana is very bad. One night I was on guard and the Major told me to allow no colored soldier to cross and I think that should have been all soldiers instead of Negro soldiers. If it is left with me I will bomb all parts of the south, Georgia and Kentucky and Mississippi. After this war I hope I won't have to see any more of this lynching going on around here. That is where we are gonna have another Army of my own. I planning on having me an army of my own after the war.

TO ROOSEVELT: I want him to stop all of this unnecessary stuff that is going on around here.
only one question. after the war and the reconstruction period begin what about the colored soldiers who have progressed them selves since they have been in the Army can they obtain jobs to suit their ability or will they go back to the same trend they had before the war as janitors. and what about all the women? Will they give up the jobs - to the returning soldiers as they should or will they be encouraged to continue working in jobs suited for men.
The race problem is very bad in the United States. Actually I don't think the negro has and is being given a fair chance, they strike if he works in factorys his wages doesn't come up to the standing this causing him to have a little chance to get a good education.

Actually I think the negro has done a good bit for the U.S. far more than he has for any other country as I under stand Russia is writing the U.S. a letter now on race problems now, this is also in the army.
After this war is over I think they should let all fellows stay in the Army that wants too.

During my two years of service I have not learnt a thang since I have been here that would help when I leave here. I think trades Schools should be oppened for the benefit of those fellows who would like to learn some type of trade. They should also include farming courses for those who would be interested. I think that the new G.I. Bill of Rights shall really be of great help in molding a better and more beautiful America in years to come. Shall the Colored in the deep southern states be given a fair chance at this Bill? I hope and pray that they shall. Here is hopping that you shall be able to find me job when this is all over.
What I have to say will write a book and my writing that book will not better conditions that have existed in this rotten democracy for the past 85 years but I will say for your benifit [benefit] that as a soldier I think that there is a lot the Government can do and will not do. I know that this is a Republic. but I but not for all people. The south would not let the Negros vote and there is nothing the government will do about it. I have see these southern Whites treat some soldiers that have been over sea like dogs after they were forced in this dam army to help fight for their dirty hide; though I know that these condition will exists forever in this country I do hope the dirty dogs will die a thousand times in hell and if I meet any of them there I will help to burn their hide until it is black as mine.
I think the problem of racial discrimination is the worse thing. It does not hold up the Constitution which states "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness" and the Emancipation Proclamation "Government by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from this Earth". It is very bad when men are segregated on army post or any where else because of there color. We all have the same uniform on and are supposed to be fighting for the same thing. Democracy! In parts of this country it seems more Nazi than I imagine Germany is. They call you out of your mind make you do things that you are not accustomed to. After these faults are straightened out this will be the greatest country in the world. It will make a man feel as if he is a man.
I never could understand why in the Hell the Army an [and] Government won't do something to protect the Negro Soldier in the South. Of course I know that the South is more powerfull that the Federal government so why doesn't the Government train the Negro soldier in the North since the US Government is used or the benefit of the South than for the Nation as a whole.

As far as I am concerned the Army is "Chicken Shit" in its policy to put Negros in Labor Company and break up all the Crack Outfits the had a no the same thing with them. The U.S. doesn't wise up you may find a War being fought on its own shores.
I wonder if the American way of life for which we fight and die, will be Americanized to the extent that even in Georgia and Mississippi, Colored Americans will have the privilege of not voting for or against Americanized Germans who will be seeking offices in this country, knowing that he or his brothers have been battling me or my brothers in Rome an Normandy, while I tried to defend the American way of life which he too will be enjoying
We have been told that white troops are so much better than Colored. How could the army Generals expect a Colored soldier to match up white supermen when all odds are against them. I served with a Colored for 4 years. On our test the umpires said we were wrong and we would see white units do the same thing the same way yet they were right. Seeing is believing and another thing they send all Colored troops south where they are less than a dog. His own Government frameing him his own Generals against him. Why don't you tell them why there are no all colored units in combat. The law of average would make one qualify. Why would a unit be broken up after after it had been certified for combat. Is it too much glory for a Colored man. What should happen is send some one down in Ga [Georgia] to find out what Colored troops can't qualify. We have smart people in both races.
It should be a Law to stop the white people for taken theClodred [Colored] people land, and trying to run over them. we all are trying to fight for the same thing to be free, and live. the way it going on now, we don't see no changes - and it will be the same after.

So the black man is not Free at Mississippi. that if he is going to be done after war.?
My only hope is that things would be better for me after the war than before then I will know for myself that our Colored boys did not die in vain for in this state of Louisiana I've applied for a job my answer in return from the foreman was We dont hire niggers on this particular job and right here in this particular camp we dont have the privileges the other fellow has although we are serving in the same army. So speaking of a soldier's morale we Colored have a lot to contain [contend] with when we think of how we was treated before the war and now in Camp. So all that helps to tear down a soldier morale especially mine. When one does you certain things just on account of his rank etc.