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Post-War Army Plans (Officers and EM)


EM Pretest B4 Form


In this questionnaire we have asked you a lot of questions about your plans for after the war. We would like you to use this page to ask the war department any questions about information you think the war department could provide to men in the Army in order to help them make plans for after the war. Also, if you have any other comments, write them here.
Before entering the service I had completed 3 1/2 years of H.S. when I was drafted. I had intended to go to college when I completed my secondary education. Due to the fact that most schools
don't accept men unless they have at least a H.S. [High School] diploma, I think some means should be taken to assist men like us. - - -

The army usually gives a man a job to do & offers him nothing in return. I have completed a radio mechanics school which is 5 months in length and have been sent to an advanced radar school. Since we are supposed to be skilled technicians they can show it by at least giving us some sort of rating beside private. We shall attend this school for approximately one year and we won't get a furlough in between lay offs - - - It is alright to give us K.P. for 2 weeks but to let us go home is out of the question - - - I doubt very much if all this stuff shall do much good as it probably is just another army form that they want filled out.

Other responses by this soldier:

In what state of the United States were you born?
New York
What was your date of birth?
19, April, 1925
In what state of the United States were you living just before you entered the Army?
New York