Question 63: Free Response


Post-War Army Plans (Officers and EM)


EM Pretest B4 Form
In this questionnaire we have asked you a lot of questions about your plans for after the war. We would like you to use this page to ask the war department any questions about information you think the war department could provide to men in the Army in order to help them make plans for after the war. Also, if you have any other comments, write them here.
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Why can't a man get transferred out of this Army into a different branch of service like Merchant Marine even though he can convince them he would work & fight harder there & perhaps
make it a career after the war if he could get training and experience there.
How is a soldier going to get a job that will pay him enough to support a family if he threw up his job just before coming into the army.
If a soldier gets a job will the govt help pay his way through school so that he can advance himself at that job.

Will a soldier have any more preferences in civil service than the veterans of the last war
I know a good many men on combat crew status who would seriously consider staying in the Army if they were assured of keeping their rank and flying status.
Why couldn't there be a plan to help men thru college, who left college to join the army. these men who left school under their own free
will and those who were drafted also, should be given a chance to complete their education by having the government aid them.
Want to be a machinist or A.M. very bad. Had some schooling in both. Now I'm going to Aircraft metal school I can do it but don't like it.
If they'd give a man what he wants he'd be happy & try alot harder. I've been trying for 2 yrs now to get what I want. I've given up hopes now. The way they classify men I think is a very poor way. Maybe I should see the Chaplins.
government should make the employer rehire the men after the war as they have promised. All wounded should receive a sufficient
amount of money to support his entire family, even though only partly disabled.
Before I came into the army I worked for a railroad company for 14 years and I ask for railroad work and they said O.K. Well I have been in nearly 26 months and have not seen any
I believe I could be of more use to the army to get in the railroad work but here I am in the field artillery.
I think most of all the most important thing after the war is jobs just as it was before the war, so if I have a job and making fair money I won't
kick one bit. I think too that the army should give so much money to each soldier when he is given his discharge to give him a start just how much money I leave up to the government. My reason for this is - I was making fair money then I got drafted and could not save any so I think its only fair for the government to give us a start - I got married during my army life so now more than ever I want to get a good job after the war to live the life two married people should live - I am willing to go to school if it will help find a better job. and more money.

(So now lets end the war and get home where we all belong)
After being in the Air Forces for 16 months, I'm very curious as to the tactics used in controlling men. After all we are men. Why aren't we treated as men??
Is it compulsory to lead MEN around by the hand? My gripes concerning the army are in general, petty. But, compiled, they give an idea of the MORONIC WAY our army is Run.

May I call it as I see it? CHICKEN ---- Do I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?
Does the government intend to help the small business men?

Or will the big business men take over again?
After the war what kind of a chance will the men that served in the armed Forces to get a job?

Will the government help them? About women taking the mens job.
Not enough has been done to install a feeling of pride in a man for his outfit. Publicity does not work. That makes the civilians proud of us but we do not believe it. For
the past 9 months I have been teaching men and I can see it. Pride is built up by discipline properly administered with some thought given to the psychological side of it. Men with good mentality should not be under squadron Non-Coms that are definitely under average as far as mentality is concerned. This is common in the AAFTTC and is causing the students to become disinterested in their studies!
This army life in my opinion is a necessary evil. We know the job must be done but we "gripe" because
We see the continual waste of man hours & misclassification of personnel. Every wasted hour extends the evil proportionately. So -- we gripe!
I think that a man 35 years of age should not be considered to old to become an aerial Gunner. "If he has the guts)
Make jobs for post war is most important & aid for the crippled.
I think if each army man should receive a certain amount of money so he can start a little business or he feel he dosnt (doesn't) have to beg for a
living after the war. And if any thing happen to him during his stay in the army the Government should look after him

The Outfit we are now in is one of the best I ever been in. The C.O. is one of the best there is. Also the men will do any thing for such a good man and do it with out an order. He dose things to make us like him, and still we have one of the best out fit on the base.

As long as most of the men in the Army still in the states are through most of their training, I don't see why
we cannot have more time than we do. Most of the time companies as a whole are restricted for merely no reason all. For example: The division to which I am assigned is restricted tonight and tomorrow night for one reason. The reason is to fill out these questionnaires on our time we could be off. Instead they could just as well use their own time and skip one hour or so of drilling. It's small items as these that keep a soldiers morale down. Also by going to A.S.T.P. I was thrown out of good chance to better myself while having to serve in the Army. I wasted exactly 9 months in that program and was not given a thing for it. From that I was put in the infantry and I came from Coast Artillery - Anti-Aircraft leaving me to start from scratch again. It seems as though I've been

pushed around since I have been in the Army doing nothing of much value to it so far.
I think that most service men will be satisfied if they can make a decent living. If they can get a job when this war is over. Okay. But,
if they can't then what we have fought for will be in a mess.
Will a man get any opportunity to get help to start farming again on his own business
Yes do you think a Soldier will have a hard time getting his old job back after the war is over in other words will they get their jobs they had
before the war
Do you believe that most of the fellows in the service will get there old jobs back again. If a fellow can't find a job, will the government help them
out in anyway.