Free Response Answer 11-0999


Attitudes of and toward Negroes


Negro Form


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We is not treated good at all and yet we's got to go the docter trement [treatment] not good if you go thin [then] it not any thing wrong you is got to die before they do any thing for you they look at and tell the outhr [other] one he is gold brckig [bricking] but they don't tell the white that so I would rither [rather] have color docturs for we have them at home and they are good and agin we wort [want] to go somewhere on the bus you is got to set on the last set [seat] if it fill out yo [you] is got to stan up and the time you dont have any church to eat in and you dont have a place to sleep until you get in the north so I would rather no [know] why we is got wait untill we cross the line so I rether to be treate [treated] write [right] as I am in the war.