S47: Shenango Study

a. To collect data on the attitudes and physical condition of troops at the Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot [located at Transfer, Pennsylvania; nearest post office Greenville, PA].

b. To find out whether a special program to keep men busy and entertained during their leisure time has an effect on the attitudes of troops.

c. To do aft exploratory study of AWOL men confined to the stockade in order to find out how these men and their problems differ from other men.



Apr '43

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Alternate Title

Attitudes of AWOL’s and Others, Compared

Sample Description

The study was done at one camp, Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot. There are 3 samples:

a. Control Group: 589 enlisted men who were not exposed to a program of any kind. Identified by a “1” or a “2” punched in Col. 1.

b. Experimental Group: 441 enlisted men who were exposed to the special programs. Identified by a “3” punched in Col. 1

c. Stockade Group: 257 men, mostly AWOL’s, confined to the stockade. Identified by a “4” punched in Col. 1

Sample Method

a. The attitude data was collected by the self-administered questionnaire technique.

b. A series of physical tests were given the men to measure their physical fitness. For this part of the study, Wayne King provided music and singing in jam sessions and a sports program was designed by Capt. Esslinger of the Athletics branch.

c. The effects of this program were tested by using the questionnaire technique. These men were given questionnaires to fill out, and, in addition, intensive interviewing was done.

Scales and Scores

a. Vindictive score (Q. 47) punched in Col. 65

b. Attitude toward British Score (Q. 39) punched in Col. 66

c. Gripe score (Qs 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 20) punched in Col. 72

d. Personal Adjustment score (Qs 11, 16, 17, 18) punched in Col. 73

e. Worry Score (Qs 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33) punched in Col. 74

d. Civilian Support score (Qs 34, 35, 36) punched in Col. 75

Location Details

Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot, PA

Field Personnel

Abram Jaffe

Donald Griffin

Study Analysts

Donald Griffin
George Hausknecht
Rita Hausknecht
Abram Jaffe


The Stockade at Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot (May 11, 1943)

B-27 Special Study of Attitudes of Physical Conditions of Troops at Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot

B-29 Physical Condition of Men at Shenango Personnel Replacement Depot

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When did you come into the Army?
How did you come into the Army?
At the time you came into the Army did you think you should have been deferred?
Are you?
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With Japan?
How long have you been in this camp?
Are the sports and athletic programs in your camp well arranged?
How do you feel about Army food?
How do you feel about medical attention in the Army?
Do you get a kick out of giving a snappy salute?
How would you say you feel most of the time, satisfied and in good spirits or dissatisfied and in low spirits?
What do you think of the statement that "The Army makes a man out of you"?
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Do you think a soldier with ability has a good chance for promotion in the Army?
How far did you go in school? (Put a check only before the highest grade you completed.)
In general, what sort of a time do you have in the Army?
Do you think you can make good in the Army?
Are you ever worried and upset?
Did you ever have a job in civilian life that you really liked?