S35: Trend Study and Special Services Facilities

a. To collect data on men's attitudes toward the Army, specifically, in the following areas:

  1. Job assignment and satisfaction
  2. Technical school training
  3. Army training - general
  4. Branch preference
  5. Desire for combat
  6. Longevity
  7. Fighting ability of U.S., Allies, and Enemies
  8. AWOL'S
  9. Noncoms
  10. WAAC

b. In addition, data was collected for the use of the Special Services Division on the following items:

  1. Post Exchange
  2. Day rooms
  3. Sports and physical training
  4. Leisure time activities
  5. Preference in music

c. Also, statistics was collected on the amount and kinds of clothing purchased in the period of two months prior to this study.



Jan '43

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Alternate Title

Leisure-time Activities

Sample Description

A cross section of 4,296 white enlisted men from 5 AGF add ASF installations and 3 AAF Installations. The sample is representative of divisional and non-divisional troops in AGF, Station Complement and other ASF troops, RTC men, and Air Squadrons, Technical School Squadrons and Housekeeping troops in AAF

Sample Method

Form S-35A differs from S-35 in the following way: Q.35 is broken up into parts A & B in S-35; Q.36 has check list in S-35 but is open ended in A form. The last item of Q.48 (day of week) is omitted in S-35A.

Location Details

Camp Blanding, FL

Buckley Field, CO

Camp Campbell, KY

Camp Carson, CO

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

McDill Field, FL

Randolph Field, TX

Camp Robinson, AR

Field Personnel

Douglas Waples

Lyle Spencer

Leland C. DeVinney

William McPeak

Donald Griffin

William W. Reeder

Robin Williams, Jr.

Frederick Mosteller

Paul D. Guernsey

Frederick W. Swift

Richard L. Hull

John Clausen

Study Analysts

John Clausen
Jack Elinson
Marion Harper
George Hausknecht
Rita Hausknecht
Abram Jaffe
Dean Manheimer
Frederick D. Sheffield
Edward Suchman
Ashley Weeks


B-4 Attitudes of Enlisted Men toward the WAAC

B-11 Is Technical Training Utilized

B-14 Attitudes of Enlisted Men toward AAF, ASF, and AGF Branches

B-18 Use of the Post Exchange

B-19 Opinions of Enlisted Men regarding Athletic Equipment and Programs

B-20 Day rooms and day room equipment

B-22 Enlisted Men's Preferences in Music

B-26 Leisure Time Activities and Preferences of Enlisted Men

B-30 Articles of Clothing Purchased by White Enlisted Men

B-31 Enlisted Men's Preferences in Music

B-39 Attitude toward Job Assignment in the Air Corps

C-3 485 men in the 12th Armored Division Stationed at Camp Campbell, Tennessee

C-4 449 men in the 89th Division stationed at Camp Carson, Colorado

C-5 Buckley Field, Colorado

C-6 Randolph Field, Texas

C-7 MacDill Field, Florida

C-11 Attitudes of Enlisted Men in the B.I.R.T.C. (Camp Robinson, Arkansas)

Monthly Progress Report, Section 10, April 1943 Leisure-Time Activities and Preferences of Enlisted Men in the United States

Monthly Progress Report, Section 10, May 1943 Job Satisfaction in the Army

Nara Catalog

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How old were you on your last birthday?
How far did you go in school?
How did you go into the Army?
In what state of the United States did you spend most of the past five years of your civilian life? E. Section:
Where did you live for most of the past five years before you entered the Army?
What is your rank or grade?
How long have you been in the Army? E. If you have served previously in the Army, put down the length of time since you entered this last time. If you were a national guardsman, give the length of time since your outfit entered the Army.
Are you:
If you are married, how long have you been married?
Were you married before or after entering the Army?
If you are married, how many children do you have?
How long have you had this job?
Type of duty:
Do you spend most of your working time on your main job or assignment?
Do you feel that everything possible has been done to place you in the Army job where you best fit?
Were you given a chance to choose your Army job? Q.14b. If you had a chance to choose your Army job, did you get the job you chose?
Do you think your abilities and previous experience fit you better for some other job or assignment?
Would you transfer to some other job if given a chance?
Do you think your present Army job gives you a fair chance of promotion?
How well satisfied are you about being in your present Army job instead of some other job?