S192: Nurses' Survey

The study was undertaken at the direction of the Chief of Staff, CPBC, and was designed as a general attitude and morale survey among nurses in Army hospitals in the Pacific Ocean Area.

a. It was also felt that the results would be of particular interest in connection with the Army Nurse recruiting campaign being carried on at that time in the United States.

b. Some of the topics covered in the CPBC questionnaire (CPBC VIII; S-192a) were suggested by the Commanding General, CPBC, and others were developed in preliminary interviewing with small groups of nurses.

c. The final questionnaire covered the following topics:

  1. Personal adjustment and general attitude toward the Army
  2. Status as an officer
  3. Assignment and working relationships
  4. Care of patients
  5. Promotions
  6. Duty in forward areas
  7. Living conditions, mess, and personal services
  8. Recreation centers



Jan '45

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US, Central Pacific, IB

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Alternate Title

Attitudes of Army Nurses

Sample Description

Nine hospitals in the Pacific Ocean Area were visited: 4 general hospitals and 5 station hospitals.

a. Cross-section of Army Nurses in POA

  1. Number: 532

  2. Geographic coverage:

    a) Oahu —3 general hospitals and 1 station hospital

    b) Hawaii – 2 station hospitals

    c) Maui – 1 station hospital

    d) Saipan —1 general hospital and 1 station hospital

b. Special Notes:

  1. The total cases obtained represent approximately 80% coverage of all nurses in the hospitals visited. The difference was largely accounted for by nurses on night duty, sick, on pass, etc.
  2. The sample is representative of nurses on duty in POA, but not necessarily representative of all Army nurses.

Sample Method

See Planning Survey II for standard operating procedure.

Study Analysts

Richard L. Hull
William Woodworth


B-161 What Returnee Nurses Say About Their Overseas Experiences

CBI-12 Attitudes of Army nurses

CPBC-14 Attitudes of army nurses in Pacific Ocean areas

CPBC-24 Nurses Attitudes Toward Recreaction Facilities (Preliminary Report)

CPBC-VII Attitudes Of Army Nurses

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What is your present grade?
How many months have you been in your present grade? ANP
How long have you been in the Army?
How long have you been overseas in the Army? (Count from the time you sailed from the mainland.)
How old were you on your last birthday?
In general, what sort of time do you have in the Army?
On the whole, how do you feel about the Army?
On the whole, how is the morale of the nurses in your hospital or organization?
In general, how would you say you feel most of the time, in good spirits or in low spirits?
In general, do you think the Army has tried its best to see that nurses get as square a deal as possible?
In general, do you feel that you yourself have gotten a square deal from the Army?
If you had it to do over again, would you join the Army or not?
How did you come into the Army?
Do you feel that you were "high-pressured" into joining the Army?
How does life as an Army nurse compare with what you thought it would be like before you joined the ANC?
Suppose you had a friend who was a trained nurse and who was considering joining the Army. If she wrote or asked you for advice what would you probably tell her to do?
Do you think you might want to stay in the Army for a career after the war?
Do you think you might want to stay in the Army for a year or two after the war?
Regardless of whether you stay in the Army or not, do you think you will stay in nursing for a career after the war?
Do you usually think of yourself as being an officer as well as a nurse, or do you think of yourself just as being a nurse?