S181: Morale Indices

To ascertain which, if any, of the statistics currently being collected for ASF troops in the Zone of the Interior, can be used for determining the level of morale of such troops.



Dec '44

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Alternate Title

Attitudes and Objective Indices of Adjustment

Sample Description

4,233 White enlisted men from 37 ASF installations at nine camps. Always complete units were sampled.

Sample Method

a. In order to do this a morale questionnaire (S-181) was distributed to complete units of ASF White enlisted personnel. Sufficient cases were obtained from each detachment at a post so as to permit comparisons between detachments at the same post as well as between posts.

b. For the intra-post comparison Officers’ (including AWOL, VD, courts-martial), sickness rates, amount of edible waste, turnover, and frequency of furloughs) were obtained for comparison with the result obtained from the morale questionnaire. It was hoped that the various statistics would rank the detachments according to the state of their morale in the same manner as the results of the morale questionnaire. If the objective statistics will do this then they can be used in a current reporting system, since these statistics are all readily available.

c. For the inter-post comparisons, the objective statistics plus additional data on the efficiency with which the posts are being run were to be compared with the results from the morale questionnaires. Again, it was hoped that these currently collected statistics will be useful in differentiating installations with high and low morale.

Location Details

Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD

Ft. Benning, GA

Camp Blanding, FL

Camp Gordon Johnston, FL

Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, VA

Ft. Monroe, VA

Camp Reynolds, PA

Camp Stewart, GA

Ft. Story, VA

Field Personnel

Robert S. Wattles

Study Analysts

Abram Jaffe

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What would you say about company punishment in your outfit?
Have you ever received company punishment in your present outfit?
How satisfied are you with your present Army job?
Would you change to some other Army job if given a chance?
In general, what sort of physical condition would you say you are in at the present time?
In general, what sort of a time do you have in the Army?
Are you ever worried and upset?
Do you feel proud of your company or detachment?
On the whole, how is the morale of the men in your company or detachment?
If it were up to you to choose, do you think you could do more for your country as a soldier or as a worker in a war job?
In general, would you say that your present company or detachment has gotten a square deal in the Army?
In general, do you feel you yourself have gotten a square deal from the Army?
Do you usually feel that what you are doing in the Army is worthwhile or not?
Considering the present stage of the war, do you think you should be discharged now?
Compared with other Army messes, how does your mess rate?
What do you think of the once-a-week Army orientation hour?
In general, do you think that the enlisted men in your present company or detachment get a square deal from their officer?
How do you think the men in your outfit are selected for promotion?
How successful are your officers in getting willing and wholehearted cooperation from the men?
Do you feel your officers know what your abilities are and what you are able to do?