S108: Neuropsychiatric Study

a. To actually try the finally developed Neuropsychiatric Inventory on a group of inductees and to test the effect on responses caused by having men sign their names to the questionnaires.

b. To follow up on the group of men who signed their questionnaires to find out how the psychiatrist disposed of these men.



Mar '44

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Alternate Title

Psychoneurotic Screening

Sample Description

The study was conducted at one induction station, Ft. Meyer, Va., and has two samples:

a. 238 inductees who signed their questionnaires (Questions 1-94).

b. 239 inductees who did not sign their questionnaires (Questions 1-88).

Data provided by Survey organization has total saple of 958, with no explanation about discrepancy in sample sizes.

Sample Method

See Planning Survey II for standard operating procedure.

Scales and Scores

a. Scores punched into Cards I and II combined:

  1. Identification with the war (Qs 19-23) punched in Col. 61
  2. Childhood symptoms (Qs 47, 49, 85-86) punched in Col. 62
  3. Mobility (Qs 6, 9-11) punched in Col. 64
  4. Worry (Qs 18, 58, 60-61) punched in Col. 65
  5. Soldier Role (Qs 15, 24-25) punched in Col. 66
  6. Sociability (Qs 53-55) punched in Col. 67
  7. Childhood Fighting (Qs 31-33) punched in Col. 68
  8. Participation in Sports (Q. 29) punched in Col. 69
  9. Childhood school (Qs 50-52) punched in Col. 70
  10. Emancipation (Qs 77-82) punched in Col. 71
  11. Relations with Parents (Qs 72-76) punched in Col. 72
  12. Personal adjustment (Qs 12-14, 13, 56-57) punched in Col. 73
  13. Touchiness (Qs 17, 30, 62-63) punched in Col. 74
  14. Psychosomatic complaints (Qs 34-45, 54? 57?) punched in Cols. 75-76
  15. Combined Score of Q. 70 and above: #2, 4-6, 8, 12-13 punched in Col. 7

b. Gang punches in Card III

  1. Guttman Short Inventory weights punched in Col. 10
  2. Psychosomatic Complaints – Regression weights punched in Cols. 55-56
  3. Guttman Short Inventory – Regression weights punched in Cols. 59-60
  4. Guttman Short Inventory weights punched in Col. 66
  5. Psychosomatic Complaints – weights punched

Location Details

Ft. Meyer, VA

Study Analysts

Louis Guttman
Shirley Star


B-104 The Screening of Neurotics

Monthly Progress Report, Section 10, May 1944 The Screening of Neurotics

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