S107: Military Police Study

This study was designed to cover all morale areas and some problem areas peculiar to the Military Police.

a. The areas particularly developed in the questionnaire are:

  1. Attitude toward Military Police
  2. Prestige of Military Police
  3. Assignment to Military Police
  4. Job Satisfaction
  5. Military Police Training
  6. Ratings and Promotions
  7. Leadership

b. To compare the Military Police with other branches of the service on the morale items and to obtain data as to possible factors which could be Improved.



Mar '44

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Alternate Title

Attitudes of MP officers and EM

Sample Description

There are three samples:

a. Total Sample includes 4043 white enlisted men from 11 AGF and ASF installations. These men come from every type of MP outfit, such as: MP Bn, ESC Gd Cos, SCU, Div. Platoons and Training Centers

b. Cross section sample (which is identified by an X punch in Col. 27) of 3249 white enlisted men selected from the total sample represents the MP outfits in their proper proportion to MP universe.

c. Officer sample of 426 white officers from 9 camps assigned to MP Bn, ESC Gd Cos, SCU, Div. platoons and training centers

Sample Method

See Planning Survey II for standard operating procedure.

Scales and Scores

a. Enlisted Men

  1. Attitudes towards officers
  2. Job satisfaction (Qs 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 73)
  3. Attitudes on Promotions (Qs 76, 77, 78)
  4. Attitudes toward Military Police (Qs 68 and 111)
  5. Pride in outfit (Qs 43, 44, 45, 72)
  6. Personal Adjustment (Qs 28, 41, 42)
  7. Type of MP outfit – a gang punch

b. Officers

  1. Personal adjustment (Qs 42, 43, 44, 48)
  2. Attitude toward enlisted men (Qs 70, 71, 72 90, 91, 92)
  3. Company morale (Qs 49, 50, 51)
  4. Job satisfaction (Qs 31, 32, 34)
  5. Attitude toward Military Police (Qs 35, 73, 76, 94)

Location Details

Camp Adair, OR

Camp Butner, NC

Camp Campbell, KY

Camp Polk, LA

Camp Shelby, MS

Ft. Benning, GA

Ft. Custer, MI

Ft. George G. Meade, MD

Ft. Jackson, SC

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Ft. Lewis, WA

Ft. Meyer, VA

NYC Area, NY

Field Personnel

William B. Armstrong, Jr.

Donald Griffin

Wayne F. Daughtery

Edward Suchman

Eugene J. Zander

Joseph A. Coffey

Paul Wallin

Study Analysts

Edward Suchman


B-109 Job Turnover and Morale

WST #7 Job Turnover and Morale

C-34 A Study on Morale in the Corps of Military Police

WST #5 A Checklist of Company Leadership Practices

WST #6 Some Morale Problems of ASF Troops

WST #9 The Line Officer and the MP's

Nara Catalog

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What is your rank or grade?
How old were you on your last birthday?
How far did you go in school?
Are you:
Did you ask for Military Police duty?
Did you have any civilian experience or training which fitted you for Military Police work?
If you had to make a choice, which one of these branches of the Army would you like to be in?
If you checked more than one of the reasons in the list, which one is the most important of all the reasons you checked? E. I would like to be in that branch:
If you had to make a choice, which one of these branches would you try hardest to stay out of?
If you checked more than one of the reasons in the list, which one is the most important of all the reasons you checked? E. I would try to stay out of that branch:
In your opinion, how important is the job of the Corps of Military Police in winning the war?
What type of Military Police unit are you in?
How long have you been in your present unit (company, detachment, unit?)
How long have you been in the Corps of Military Police?
How long have you been in the Army? E. If you have served previously in the Army, check the length of the time since you entered this last time. If you were a national guardsman, give the length of time since your outfit entered the Army.
How did you come into the Army?
Has the Army at any time classified you as a Limited Service man?
Which of the following jobs or duties have you done in the last six months (training, stockade guard, traffic control, town patrol, prison chaser, prisoner convoy, clerk, train guard, jeep patrol, motor pool, guard duty)?
What is your main Army job or duty?
How long have you had this job?