PS5: Attitudes toward Civilians

The main purpose of this study was to collect data on men's attitudes toward civilians and the home front.

a. In addition, data was also collected on the following areas:

  1. Attitudes toward Insurance and Savings
  2. Interest in USAFI courses
  3. What do soldiers worry about?
  4. Army adjustment



Dec '42

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Sample Description

A representative cross section sample of 3,474 enlisted men from 9 installations distributed throughout continental United States.

Sample Method

See Planning Survey II for standard operating procedure.

Scales and Scores

a. Worry Score (Form A only) (Q. 51a-51l) in Col. 73

b. Griping Score (Forms A and B both) (Qs 12-13, 15-18, 20-23, 44, 48) in Col. 77

c. Civilian Support Scale (Forms A and B both) (Qs 29-30, 32-35) in Col. 78

d. Desire for Combat (Form B only) (Qs 25, 43-47) in Col. 80

Location Details

Camp Gordon, GA

Camp Pickett, VA

Camp Edwards, MA

Ft. Ethan Allen, VT

Stewart, GA

Columbia Army Air Base, SC

Funston, CA

Ft. Riley, KS

Ft. Sam Houston, TX

Camp San Luis Obispo, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Glendale, CA

Van Nuys, CA

San Diego, CA

Santa Ana, CA

Field Personnel

Raymond F. McClellan

A. Lee Coleman

Ward H. Goodenough

Robin Williams, Jr.

Jack Brown

Frederick Mosteller

William McPeak

Edward Suchman

John Clausen

Alex T. Edelman

Frederick W. Swift

William W. Reeder

Study Analysts

George Hausknecht
Arnold M. Rose
Shirley Star
Edward Suchman
Robin Williams, Jr.


53 Preliminary Report on Marital Status of Enlisted Men and on Family Arrangements

55 What Soldiers Think of the Home Front

B-1 Marital and Dependency Status of Enlisted Men

B-3 Interest in Army Institute Courses

B-5 USO versus Service Clubs: A Study of Soldier Attitudes

Nara Catalog

Put words or phrases inside quotes to search for an exact match.
What is your rank or grade?
In what state of the United States did you spend most of the past five years of your civilian life?
Where was your home for most of the past five years before you entered the Army?
How old were you on your last birthday?
How far did you go in school?
Are you:
If you are married, how long have you been married?
Were you married before or after entering the Army?
If you are married, how many children do you have?
Whether you are a church member or not, do you consider yourself:
When did you enter the Army? P. If you have served previously in the Army, check last time you entered. If you were a national guardsman, check when your outfit entered Army. E. Length of time in the Army.
What is your father's usual job or occupation? Please state specifically what he does. If he is dead, or retired, describe his former job or occupation.
How do you feel about Army food?
Are the sports and athletic programs in your outfit well arranged?
Do you think you are a good soldier?
Do the men in your company or battery cooperate, and work well together?
How do you feel about medical attention in the Army?
Do you feel proud or ashamed of your company or battery?
Do you get a kick out of giving a snappy salute?
In your honest opinion, how do you compare your company or battery with the others in your battalion?