PS4: Attitudes toward Medical Care

To collect data on men's attitudes toward army medical and dental treatment and attention received in army hospitals.



Oct '42

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Sample Description

This study contains two samples:

a. 5,114 white enlisted men sampled by branch from 3 AAF installations and 12 AGF and ASF installations. These men, for the most part, were selected randomly from Form 20 cards. At some camps, every nth man was called within chosen companies

b. 414 white enlisted men who had been hospitalized. These men were called from discharge rosters

Sample Method

There are two forms of the questionnaire:

  1. administered to men who have received medical or dental care in the army
  2. administered to men who have been hospitalized in army hospitals.

Additional questions related to Red Cross workers and recreational facilities are included in the questionnaire on Hospital Attention.

Location Details

Ft. George G. Meade, MD

Ft. Belvoir, VA

Camp Atterbury, IN

Camp Barkeley, TX

Ft. Benning, GA

Bowman Field, KY

Ft. Bragg, NC

Camp Edwards, MA

Keesler Field, MS

Ft. Knox, KY

Ft. Lewis, WA

Ft. MacArthur, CA

March Field, CA

Camp Shelby, MS

Ft. Sheridan, IL

Ft. Sill, OK

Westover Field, MA

Field Personnel



John Clausen

Ward H. Goodenough

Robin Williams, Jr.

Parker Mauldin

William McPeak

Jack Brown

Alfred Greenberg

Harold Dorn

Study Analysts

A. Lee Coleman
Harold Dorn
Abram Jaffe


35 Physical Conditioning of Newly Inducted Men

38 Attitudes of Enlisted Men toward Medical, Dental, and Hospital Services

40 Attitudes of Enlisted Men toward Recreation Programs and Facilities in Army Hospitals

Nara Catalog

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Are you a "buck" private? Q.1b. If not, what is your rank or grade?
How old were you on your last birthday?
When did you enter the Army? P. If you have served previously in the Army, check last time you entered. If you were a national guardsman, check when your outfit entered Army.
In what state did you spend most of the last five years of your civilian life?
Is your home...
How far did you go in school?
What branch or arm of service are you in?
How well satisfied are you about being in your present Army job instead of some other Army job?
What do you think of the Army medical examination you got at the induction center when you first came into the Army? Was it...
Now put an X before one of these below. Was it...
Since you have been in the Army how many times have you had something wrong with you for which you went on sick call?
Who examined you or discussed your case with you at the dispensary?
Were you given any treatment or medicine at the dispensary? Q.14b. If you received treatment at the dispensary who gave it to you?
If you received dispensary treatment, do you think it was what should have been done in your case?
What happened when you left the dispensary?
Do you think this is what the dispensary should have done with you? Q.17b. If not, what do you think should have been done?
If you checked "sent back to light or limited duty" (in question 16) was your commander notified that you were not able to do regular duty? Q.18b. How did the doctor notify your company commander of this?
Were you allowed to follow the doctor's advice?
If you checked "hospital" or "hospital clinic" (in question 16) were you satisfied with the treatment you got?
Considering everything that was done for you in your last illness, was there delay that could have been avoided? If yes, how much delay was there?