Question 36: Free Response


Post-War Army Plans (Officers and EM)


EM Pretest A1 Form
We would like you to use this page to write anything else you have to say on any of the following subjects: What you think you will do once you are discharged from the Army. What you would like to know about the post-war Army. How the Army has changed your plans for your life work.
Put words or phrases inside quotes to search for an exact match.
As for the army changing my working plans after the war. I am not for sure. I was a Brick Mason after I stopped school for 2 yrs. I had pneumonia and was ill for some length of time, then I went into a shirt factory as a Stock Clerk & liked it very much. but in the Army I am an Artilary Mechanic. I hope I can get either job back after the war.
I am planning on returning to my job but I am afraid there will be no business left for me. When I closed shop a new man took my place and has worked at it for three years. He will refuse to give up my job or my business because he has a foothold and I have been forgotten. The drafting of me into the army for such a long time I feel has ruined my chances of regaining my former position in life.
If I can go back to any old job and earn a living by which I might help my parents spend they few remaining years of their life happy, that's all I ask.
I didn't mind being in the Army. The only regret is that I wasn't placed in the air corp. I did like to be a machanic [mechanic] on planes. I am in the Q.M. Bakery. I never was a baker and never will. When I get out of the army im going to take a vacation then find a job. As long
as I get paid right and the job is within reason. After I get rolling then I'll settle down. A nice wife who can cook and a home I always dreamed about.

I'd like to know if they'd draft us again if a war did start after this one was all over with.
I would like very much to have a business of my own. If that isn't possible and with the aid of the Fed. Government. I would like to enter some college to further my education.
Will go back to farming I have a nice farm waiting for me, I am not especially interested about the post war army. The army hasnt changed me plans for my lifes work at all only delayed them.
Prior to my induction I was well established in business making a comfortable living. After my release there is quite a possibility that I might encounter some difficulty establishing myself again in the same kind of business. However I'm hoping for the best.
Get back to work immediately and provide for my wife. To pick up the threads of life where I left off. Get set in business again and try to build it up. What the army is going to do for the discharged soldier and getting him rehabilitated once more. Men who became physically disabled should get first consideration in government positions provided his condition doesn't hamper him. For those who have lost their earning power completely the gov't should take care of such
so that the man won't feel he is a burden to those he loves. The men are giving lives & limbs for the preservation of the American way of life and should be repaid in some way for their sacrifices. As far as the army changing my plans for life work is concerned the army didn't affect that one way or another. People will always need heat and air conditioning is comparatively new. People like convenience and as long as there is that commodity my business will still be thriving. Tho the army has delayed my fulfilment of my dreams.
The army hasn't changed my plans for my life work. It has only delayed them for the time until the war is over. I'm 34 years old now and if the war goes on and on I still will be able to play music if the Army permits me to continue. I will not be dependent on the Army for my future as long as I am able when the War is over. If I should lose an arm or a leg or even some of my fingers, which is my living I
expect the Government of the U.S.A. to take care of me. I won't be able to perform with my profession as a cripple, therefore I expect to be kept for the rest of my life or until I can adapt myself to playing again. If I come out of this war able to perform my duties as a musician I will gladly forfiet everything the army owes me and still willing to help pay taxes which I expect to pay anyway to finance the next war to come. Why the next war because I think there would be another one in my life time. That's all Gentlemen.

God Bless all and may this war end sooner than we expect.
I think I will go back to farming that is dairy farming. I have been doing that kind of work all my life, except a few months of mill work. I like farming a lot better than any other kind of work that I have done in my whole life.
It is my belief that the war which dropped the whole world into its orbit, will have served to provide to us as a nation that wherever in my part of the world there is a democracy to link the democratic nations, then economic ____ and total war are the result. Therefore in view of this it will be the duty of all _____ who have served in a military capacity to affect the armed onslaught against democracy, to devote themselves to the _____ and expansion of its benefits those the means which have been in advantageous in the recent war.
I will go back home & take up where I left off in my business

If there will be compulsory service for men or women after the war is over How large will the army be The Army has not changed my plans for my lifes work only delayed them as long as I am
Will organize own company and go into business for myself.
I wonder why the Army can't give the men that are discharged a higher bonus, & it has caused me a divorce. Why cant your allotment be stopped when one that is married is getting a divorce & his wife liveing with some one else.
I would like very much to know what kind of Army we are going have after this war. I imagine it will be improved mechanically but how about for the mans side of it? Just what will he get out of it. The government ought to plan post war Education for the men in the Armed Forces.
The first thing I'll do after being discharged from the army is to go back to my place of business & then marry & have a home of my own & raise a family. I really don't know what I would like to know about the post war plans at the moment. Because I feel when a feller is in the army
that its not right to get marry & maybe sent away this & maybe never come back so I say to all those are single in the army to stay single for the duration
I would go home and relieve my sister from her job. So she could gain her health back if its possible.

I've sign a C.I.D. and he [here] I am back in service. With my feet getting worse every day. And doing nothing of good towards winning the war. I'm first class pattern maker by trade also would take a job at that, while we all still fighting for victory first
So my business would wait and my sister would carry on as best as she. I would try get a defense job during this crisis.
Once discharged from the Army I'll try to

in my former environment. Will be glad to find it all as when left off. Naturally any improvement will be welcome. However with all the "Hyenas" in the White House waiting to throw themselves on fallen prey which in this case I consider to be the presidency I hardly expect it to be any better than it was. This whole dickering about
not giving men - who's lifes fall daily & others whos life has been disturbed a chance in having their say in electing a President given already a vital indication as to the sincerity & patriotism of our law maker. Not unless senators & congressmen alike will know that they too stand to pay for any dealings with our enemies regardless of its character, will we have a sound and safe government for the people.
I would enter college upon completion of the war and to receive aid from the Government in the payment of tuition is a big incentive. An educational program with Government support would not only be a good thing to help the individual but a national advancement.
Once I am discharged from the Army imditialy go into business of my own and live happily ever after if another damn war doesnt pop up.
My moral is gone to the dogs. Honest there isn't any thought in my mind that I will get some were in this army. Yes I worked hard but what good dose it do. Why even me speaking this way wouldn't amount to a flicker. In general I think its a grand idea but I really couldn't ans. these qustion

For an example, there are approximately 250 men in out outfit and no matter how much you work you can bet your live that the next buck sgt. is made a staff on a . They did that for at least 5 months or more, that I've been in. I really can say I may be foolish in making these statements but I really like to let you know my feelings of my present being here as far as moral goes it doesn't amount to a darn. So now you see why & how I feel towards this present army life. It may not be the army life all over the world, but Blackstone Army Air Base has it's faults as I previously predicted. So I therefore wish this war would finish to an end so that we boys go home & make America better country in all this world, as it was before the war. Signed Pfc