Question 35B: Free Response


Post-War Army Plans (Officers and EM)


EM Pretest A1 Form
If some of your plans have been changed, what plans have been changed as a result of your Army service?
Put words or phrases inside quotes to search for an exact match.
My plans have not been changed.
I was saving up all my money to go to a university. My high school education was fresh in my memory but three years in the army has changed my interests and my holdings have since been used up.
My engagement to my sweetheart and then marriage.
Earning capacity was cut. Also prevented marriage sooner. Had plans to buy a house and also expand in business.
I was planning on working for a while in the mill and then try to go farming for myself in a few more years from the time I started to work in the mill.
Have been interrupted from my job of large numbers of workers in the economics field but do not consider this more than temporary since I have the confidence that our democratic ways will prevail, and therefore I can continue in the post war era.
My plans have not been changed only delayed
every thing
first to be married second to increase my business
In the first place my sister had to take my place in the business and is leaving her with bad health.
Like most married men I hoped to carry on the 'tradition' of men. Would wish to have a family. I also am behind about 2 years in my musical studies. The war has also impaired my source of getting merchandise here (Antiques)
My plans haven't been changed.
First of all my advancement in the Rlrd Co. Thin [Then], I no was planning to get married, but somebody stole my girl!
by not being able to have a home for my wife and I. and also not being able to give her the things I want to. I believe we cauld be much happier If I wasn't in the army.
Stopped my chance of going ahead with my civilian job.
raising a family and finishing my education
I had started a dairy and by coming in the Army it left no one to carry on. I would like to get started again if possible.
I'd rather not mention the plans I had in mind to do before I entered the Army
It has made me want to better my position in life; Before I was content to more or less drift along.