Question 51: Free Response


Post-War Army Plans (Officers and EM)


We would like you to use this space to write anything else you have to say about your plans for after the war.
Put words or phrases inside quotes to search for an exact match.
As I said before, I hope to play professional baseball. I hope to reach the major leagues & save some money in order to someday go into business for myself.
I would like to buy a business for myself but do not have the money. Although I could go back to the job I had before entering the Army if the factory is in operation.
Every soldier in the service should get a good start when he leaves the service.

He shouldn't be out selling apples on the street corner.
Am fairly certain that I can still make a success of my life without Gov't assistance providing the Gov't maintains a firm economic policy (cuts spending), and lets me out of the Army as soon as possible. Am against big bonus for veterns, but think the one already voted a good idea and about the right amount.
My employer has a large business in two states that involves 12 establishments plus one auto agency for eight states. He was training me to take over the business management so that he could retire prior to my induction. We are to continue that plan as soon as I return to civilian life.
The only position that I'd care for after the war would be manager of a theater or sound engineer for some film studio. If I cant do this I will devote myself to being a farmer the rest of my life.
my first plan after the war is to get out of this army as soon as possible. Also to find a job where I can make a comfortable living and save a little money to start a business. All I want is to make a decent living without working all those hours before the war.
I believe that white and colored troops need not be segregated when it comes to visiting town. all men, regardless of color, every night the work does not require their presence.

I would like to see more of England, therefore in order to do so passes for at least three days and possible seven day leaves must be given. Of course there will be restricted areas. Nevertheless I cannot see why it is not possible.
It is going to require a great deal of time and money to begin now where I left off three years ago. Heaven help us if we have to go through a depression after the war- There won't be that many apples to go around-
Depending upon the conditions of the post war army and also the post war world, I will either stay in the Army or go into business for my-self.
Expect to return to former employer for short time. Then go in business for myself when things settle down.
I'll continue on from where I left off, however in the event this business is not what it was when I left, I believe our Gov't should assist all returning veterans in the placement of jobs which is most suited to their ability. A Bonus would help many in establishing themselves to their former status.
I intend to go back in business for myself if I can't get my job back.
I left a business in partnership with my brothers. They are still carrying the business and waiting for me to rejoin them. I'll resume working together, and I'll build my own house on spare time with as much as the government allows me in money.
Being specific, I think that all true loving Americans should worry about getting this war over with in as short a time as possible, so that the future generation might have something to read in history, after that treat some of the cripples from this war like a brother and not a stranger, if we should survive let us worry waving flags does not help any. Learn from the last one "war" and for our sake "Have no repetition"
1. Get out of Army when war is over.

2. After 32 months of overseas service, I have no desire to be put in some outpost, or in the Army of Occupation. 3. Having to stay in the Army over the six months duration period would handicap me in getting myself established, because it will be the old story, no experience, and we can't use you.
I am certainly sure of having enough of money for own business that is my brother is to be co owner with me and has been looking into the business end and making most of our plans for the last two years. (All I hope there are no more Wars to be fought)
Greater success and contentment can be achieved by being in business for self
I expect to go back to work for my old employer, as I was given a leave of abscense [absence] , upon coming into the army. However, if an opportunity presents itself, I would like to go into business for myself, or even a partnership basis business.
Find a suitable job at which I make enough money to support my wife-to-be. To buy a home in which to live. Take a vacation. Settle down and live a peaceful life. And most of all, die of old age, and not from warfare.