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Attitudes of and toward Negroes


Negro Form


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After these questionaires are read what action will be taken to better our army conditions? In regards to seperate PX's [Post Exchanges] & service clubs, a white soldier can get away with entering our P.X.s [Post Exchanges] and service clubs & event have intercourse with our women. Enter one of theirs or have an intercours with a white woman & immediatly their theres is cry of blood retaliation, even in the theaters. They go so far as to have separate windows to buy tickets & a restricted area to sit in.

Yet we wear the same uniform, draw the same pay & is fighting for the same cause. I ask if you cut us do we not bleed as the do, do we too not shed tears, sweat & die as the do for the same cause? Then why are we treated as an inferior race, our inteligence & education ranks on the same level as any white mans, sometimes even higher. United we stand Devided we fall, & we are a divided country. racial discrimination & yet dark hands buy bonds & mold bullets the black and white alike use. let their be a change, light in this dark nation. lets unite as one against our common enymy [enemy] the NATZIS