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Attitudes of Combat Infantrymen


Form E


If you have any further remarks to make on any subject relating to your combat experience please write them below as fully as you like:
Perhaps I'm selfish, but I hope I never have to go into combat again. There are several reasons for that. The main one is that you always have the feeling you won't come out alive, and life is very dear to you up there.

There is something I hate to admit, but we did not win our battles because the Americans was better than the Japs. On the contrary, the Jap had it all over us, both Officers & men. It was our superiority in strength & equipment. Another item, & that is concerning the non-combatants. Our division has about 15,000 men. But more than half of them are Non-Combatants. There's one time I agree with the Marines: "Throw away the typewriter and records, & everybody grab a gun & fight."